Could I Have an STD?

According to recent data from the CDC, 50% of all new STD cases occur in 15-24 year olds and 1 out of 2 sexually active individuals will contract an STD by the age of 25.  One out of every four teens contract an STD every year.

Are STDs Contagious?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are contagious. They are infections or diseases spread by sexual contact. STDs are caused by bacteria, viruses, and even parasites – usually STDs pass from one person to another via blood, semen, or bodily fluids. 

Ways to catch or spread STDs:

Sexual Contact

No birth control/contraceptive is 100% effective at preventing pregnancy or STDs. The best way to protect yourself from STD’s and an unplanned pregnancy, is abstinence (abstaining from sexual activity). STDs can spread through sex with an infected individual. Semen or the vaginal fluids can pass the disease to an uninfected partner. With an STD like herpes, it can spread through open sores and saliva as well.

The more sexual partners a person has, the greater the chances they will be infected by an STD. Symptoms can be mild or non-existent, and a partner might not even be aware of their infection. 

Injecting Drugs

This occurs most often with shared needles or an unclean environment. There’s also a risk of catching an STD through unregulated tattoos or piercings using dirty needles.


Important note for women: if considering becoming pregnant or you believe you may be pregnant, it is critical to be tested for STDs. 

  • Pregnant women can spread STDs to their babies. This is particularly true about untreated syphilis. Babies can be infected in the uterus or as they exit the birth canal. 
  • Untreated STDs need to be treated before an abortion. Chlamydia and gonorrhea tend to first infect the vaginal area. During an abortion, they can spread into the uterus. If left untreated, they can develop into a serious condition called pelvic inflammatory disease (PID.) PID can lead to sterility and chronic pelvic pain. It is vital to be tested before moving forward with an abortion.


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