In School?

This wasn't supposed to happen.

The possibility of an unplanned pregnancy can bring with it an overwhelming personal crisis full of concerns about your future. If you’re enrolled in a university or high school, you have unique concerns as a student. We care about you and want to help you work through the situation, so you can make a decision that’s right for you.

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Really Pregnant?

The first and most important thing you can do is determine if you’re really pregnant. Even if you’ve taken a home test, it may not be accurate. We offer free pregnancy tests that are medical quality and more accurate than most home tests. The trained staff at Amnion can help you confirm your pregnancy before you make any decisions. 

Free Ultrasound

If you have a positive pregnancy test, you may be eligible for a free limited ultrasound at our center. Having an ultrasound will tell you how far along you are and whether your pregnancy is viable. This information will help you learn more about your pregnancy and the options available so you can make an informed decision.

Thinking about abortion?

Every year, our center sees women from high school and college campuses who are considering abortion as a solution to an unplanned pregnancy. Talk with one of our client peer counselors who can answer your questions about abortion, procedures and risks.

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Making Decisions

As you make decisions regarding your pregnancy, we understand you have questions:

  • How will I get medical care?
  • How will I finish school?
  • What will my parents say?
  • Will I lose my scholarship?
  • What will happen to me?
  • Can I provide for a child?

Make an appointment to talk with one of our counselors today. Our trained staff can help you get answers you need. All our services are free and confidential. Call us at 610.622.9957.

We want to help.