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What We Do

Relate: We communicate a message of truth that young people are able to relate to and is relevant

Empower: We empower young people to think through their own values and morals

Affirm: We affirm that everyone has worth and value and should make decisions based on that truth

LoveWe strive to teach young people what the real meaning of love and intimacy are in relationships

Educate: We educate students about how sex is powerful physically, emotionally, and mentally

Demonstrate: We demonstrate through our own lives what respect, valuing oneself, understanding self-worth can look like, and how it can help you make healthy choices in life and have healthy relationships

RealEd Presentation

An engaging, candid and compelling presentation offered to middle schools and high schools, colleges and universities, community centers, and youth groups. Amnion's presentations and services are offered free of charge, however donations are always accepted.

We offer a dynamic presentation that both educates and encourages our audience to respond with their own thoughts and values regarding the topic of sex and healthy relationships. Our presentation consists of analogies, personal stories, class discussions and activities which all are geared to fulfilling our program's purpose and vision statements.

The subject of sex and relationships is approached in a sensitive yet realistic way. In a culture that encourages acting upon sexual stimulation without full consideration of the consequences, we exist not to take their choice away, but rather, to give them their choice back.

The RealEd team is a group of diverse and talented individuals who are passionate about what they do. Research has shown that there is a high demand from teens to hear about such topics from people who are close to their age because it makes them feel more understood about the pressures that comes to their age group. The RealEd team will bring diversity and relevancy to the classroom in order to effectively communicate their message of truth regarding sex and healthy relationships.

This presentation serves as a supplemental support to an already existing sex education program in the schools. Most schools are required to provide sex education to their students – RealEd’s presentation seeks to add to that curriculum by teaching about the context of sex: relationships. The presentation fits with any sex education curriculum, from abstinence-only to comprehensive sexuality education. RealEd’s presentation is not a sex education program, but rather a relationship education program.