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Our students speak out in response to the RealEd Presentation:

  • 64% of students reported that the RealEd presentation inspired them to change their behavior.
  • 74% of students reported that the RealEd presentation helped them to think through their values about life and healthy relationships.
  • 77% of students reported that the RealEd presentation is relevant.

Student comments…

This was a different kind of presentation. The presenters made it interesting, it was honest. -Student, Haverford HS

It was very relatable and impactful. I felt emotionally invested. –Student, Haverford HS

It wasn't just a "don't have sex or you'll die" talk, which actually surprised me. The presentation gave me tools to use in real life. –Student, Upper Merion HS

They are really real. It was genuine and I think it was helpful and eye opening. Accurate to the actual feelings and thoughts of a teenager. -Student at Upper Darby HS

All this info... is valuable, and the fact that you connect this… to your own lives shows me you believe in what you’re talking about. -Student, Upper Darby HS

Teacher comments…

...The team leaves a very positive impact on my students. I find that my students consistently reflect back on the stories and discussions during the days following the presentation. The RealEd team reaches all my students in a respectful and professional manner while being real with them.

I absolutely want my own children to hear the RealEd presentation once they are in high school. The RealEd team discusses very mature and personal topics that are so vital for teens to hear. – Norristown Area HS Teacher