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Obstetrical Ultrasounds

Even if you have had a positive pregnancy test, it is important to have the test verified with an ultrasound exam.

Our nurse sonographer will be glad to provide you with a free and confidential limited obstetric ultrasound. Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to create an image of your pregnancy. The free limited ultrasound test will determine if your pregnancy is viable (whether the baby's heart is beating), will ensure that it is located in your uterus, and will estimate how far along you are.  All of this information will determine what options are available to you. For instance, if you are considering abortion, it is important to know how many weeks pregnant you are.  Or, if you are uninsured, we can provide you with the pregnancy verification letter that you need to access Medicaid services. This is why having an ultrasound is your most important next step.  We are able to perform limited ultrasound as early as 6 weeks after your last menstrual period.

Natural Miscarriages and Ectopic Pregnancies

Miscarriages are very common, especially during early pregnancy. Ultrasound exams can determine the viability of a pregnancy, since at about 6 weeks a heartbeat can be detected. Ultrasound also may be able to help a physician determine if your pregnancy is at risk for a natural miscarriage.

An ultrasound exam can also determine the location of your pregnancy. Normal pregnancies are located inside the uterus (womb). However, sometimes pregnancies develop outside the uterus, mainly in the fallopian tubes. This is called an ectopic pregnancy, which requires immediate medical attention.

(All ultrasound findings, as presented by the nurse sonographer, are strictly preliminary until they can be reviewed and verified by our physician.)

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