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Do y’all like what y’all do...

Well, yes, of course… But let me tell you why.

The RealEd team is a dynamic, ever-changing group of multi-talented individuals united by the common goal of empowering young people to think for themselves in the realm of relationships. The team has been comprised of educators, social workers, youth workers, film-makers, music producers, radio personalities, and others from all walks of life. Each member brings a unique perspective to the team and a unique motivation for being here, all supporting our mission in a way that is unique to them. This wealth of experience is especially important considering the great diversity of groups with which we get to speak. It allows us to give multiple perspectives that help students process their own views about life and relationships.

The fact that students get to process their own views is my favorite part of the RealEd program and what sets us apart from many others. We provide more than information. We create a framework that helps students think through their own values and challenges the unhealthy cultural perspectives that can affect how they think. By laying a solid foundation of individual values, emotional awareness, and personal boundaries students are enabled to build healthy relationships that correspond to their specific personalities and priorities in life. This is not a “one-size fits all” approach to relationships, but rather foundational topics that apply to the vast array of relationships in which our students participate.

In pursuit of this mission, RealEd speakers get to share valuable information, run interactive activities, and share our personal stories, connecting with students all across the greater Philadelphia area. Valuable and insightful conversations are created as students grapple individually, in groups, and as a class with what truly makes a healthy relationship that lasts. Ideas are shared. Voices are heard. And Real Education occurs. If that isn’t a fun and fulfilling job then I don’t know what is.

So yeah, I’d say we like what we do.

And we hope you like what we do too.


As Always,

The RealEd Team


RealEd Mission Statement:
To provide a framework that empowers young people to think through their own values and morals and make healthy decisions about life and their relationships.

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