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Have you always wanted to help youth

Q: Have you always wanted to help young people navigate through sex and relationships? 

Jaime: I have long been passionate about intentionality and wisdom in romance. When I was a teenager, I saw how my friends’ and peers’ dating choices had a powerful impact on their lives, futures and emotional health, and it made a strong impression on me. I still have much to learn about love and relationships, but I want to share what I’ve found to be true and healthy to help guide youth through their decisions with sex and relationships.

Josh: I have always enjoyed helping people. So when the opportunity to help young people with their relationships came along, I jumped on it.

Marissa: I have worked with youth in so many areas, from elementary extra-curricular activities to preparing for college entry.  When I saw the opening at Real Ed, I knew it was the missing piece of my journey to assist our youth in one of the most important time/decisions of their lives.  Our world is built on relationships!

Stay awesome!

-The RealEd team

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