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Student is Feeling Depressed

Question: How do you get out of depression?

We at RealEd are not counselors, nor is there a one-size-fits-all solution to cure depression. Depression is a complex condition with many potential causes. What helps one person suffering from depression may not help another.

I am a huge fan of talking it out, at least as a starting point. If you feel depressed, I encourage you to find someone who will listen to you and help you process your story – perhaps a parent, mentor, counselor (at school or church, or another professional), doctor, pastor or other religious leader.

Many times, feelings of depression stem from believing lies. These lies may be so woven into us that we don't even realize it. What we believe determines how we feel. A good counselor is trained to help you examine your behaviors and feelings to discover what you believe deep down, and then help you conform your beliefs to what is true.

Sometimes, depression is rooted in other things, such as biological causes, loss, or past trauma. Again, counseling can lead to healing, and in some cases prescribed medication is effective.

You can remember HOPE with this acronym

As you fight depression, I would also encourage you to intentionally practice gratitude: each day, find one new thing that you are grateful for, and write it down or take a photo with your phone. Don’t repeat what you identified on previous days; let it be a new thing each day. After you’ve written or photographed what you’re thankful for, go back and look over what you were thankful for every previous day. Do this for at least a month before you “reset” the practice. This will help you reflect on what brightens your life, encourage you, and foster hope. By this discipline, you are teaching yourself that you have things to look forward to each day.

I would also encourage you to maintain a healthy diet, get sufficient sleep, and stay physically active, incorporating regular exercise. Physical health is connected to emotional and mental health, so caring for your body equips and helps you in the fight against depression.

Don’t lose hope, 


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