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How to Tell Someone You Love Them

Being in relationship is an exciting adventure, and coming to the point of saying ‘l love you’ is a big step to take.

Before I discuss how you could tell someone you love them, I want to be sure that the definition of love is understood. Love is more than just strong feeling of desire for another person. It is a conscious choice made by an individual to act selflessly towards another individual. What does that look like? It looks like putting aside your wants or desires in order to better the person you're with; caring for them even when it's uncomfortable; accepting them for who they are no matter what, and the list goes on.

Now, if you feel like you understand what love truly means, and you want to tell your partner, the truth is, there is no "best way" to tell them. I would suggest talking to that person about why you love them, and share with them what it means when you say you love them.

But what happens if they aren't ready to commit to saying 'I love you' back? That's not something you should worry about. Everybody is different, and your partner may not feel ready to say it back to you when you decide to share that with them. Continue to show selfless love to that person, and hopefully they will grow to love you in the same way.

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