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Tyra’s story…

When I first started coming to Amnion I was broken. I had an abortion, lost my boyfriend, and had little support from my family and friends because none of them really knew about the abortion. I was too ashamed to tell them. I couldn’t talk about what happened to me and my boyfriend because the abortion was at the root of our problems. I was holding everything in. I needed an outlet but I didn’t know where to turn. All the resources I had for help were hotlines, and at that point I couldn’t see a hotline helping me, I needed to talk face-to-face with a person. Then I thought of going to see a therapist, but as an independent college student, I had no means to pay for one. So I just drowned myself in school and work, hoping that one day when I would wake up it wouldn’t hurt so much. The guilt just kept building up and with my sister’s new baby coming soon, I was at rock bottom.

One day I woke up and Googled post abortion counseling to see what my options were. At this point I was willing to call a hotline. All of the sudden I saw a link to Amnion. I clicked on it and that was the start of a whole new life for me. Amnion offered the services that I needed at no cost and I never thought that was possible. I spent most of my summer at Amnion, I came twice a week. When I met my counselor, we started at the very beginning; we didn’t just focus on the here-and-now. This helped me to realize how I had gotten to the point where I had to have an abortion and how I had become the person I was when I first started this journey. Some days I left happy and some I left sad, but it was all a learning experience for me.

One thing my counselor told me from day one is “You have to reveal to heal”, this is something I worked on throughout the summer. Once I started telling my friends and some of my family about the abortion, I gradually started feeling better. I thought they would hate me if I told them what I had done because I hated myself. In actuality, I had more support than I thought I did. Although I’m still in counseling, Amnion has helped me in so many ways. I went back to school this fall with higher self-esteem and a new positive attitude. I am so thankful for Amnion and the opportunity it gives women like me to receive quality help. 

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