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Rebekah's mom...

Soon after getting married our hearts longed to have children. After a few years of trying naturally, we found ourselves considering adoption.  We really desired to start a family and what a blessing it was almost 34 years ago, when we received the news we were going to be parents. A young girl found herself with an unintended pregnancy, and was making the courageous and loving choice to place her baby up for adoption.  So we became the parents of our Rebekah.  There are no words to express our joy and thankfulness that God had blessed us with our daughter.

Today, Rebekah works  with  adoption and foster care.  We see how God is using her to help couples experience the joy of becoming parents, just as He did us through the selflessness of a young girl many years ago. That young girl was not only selfless, she was COURAGEOUS, and we are grateful.

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