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Before You Decide…

Seven Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

  1. You are always wrong. Every disagreement ends the same way: you are wrong and your partner is right.
  2. Fear. You avoid bringing up subjects that are important to you because your partner may get angry.
  3. Substance abuse, including black-outs. Your partner consumes alcohol or uses recreational drugs often. Your partner cannot remember what he/she has said and done after drinking or using.
  4. Your partner seeks control over you. Your partner tries to control: your access to money, who you spend time with, where you work (or whether you work at all), what you wear, or how you behave.
  5. Your partner puts your down. You feel bad about yourself because your partner calls you names, makes fun of you, or thinks you are stupid, ignorant or incompetent.
  6. Your partner lies to you or cheats on you.
  7. Un-kept promises. Your partner promises to change but doesn’t.

Someone who truly loves you will respect you, be honest with you and treat you with kindness and patience; they will value your thoughts and feelings, and will not treat you with violence or force sex on you. We encourage you to make an appointment with a counselor at Amnion Pregnancy Center if you would like to discuss your relationship circumstances.

For more on healthy relationships, check out Amnion’s RealEd team on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @RealEd4u. RealEd exists to empower people to think through their own values and morals and make healthy decisions about relationships.

Taken from Before You Decide, a publication of Care Net, 2014.

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