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From Jessica...

I don’t know what brings you to Amnion’s website, but I am thankful that you found it. I recently came across a quotation that stuck with me and I want to share it with you…whoever “you” might be, “Make no important, life-shaping decisions quickly or impulsively, and when in doubt, stall for time.” Dr. James Dobson.

…How often do we do that, especially in the midst of what seems to be a crisis?

I believe there is much wisdom in this quotation. When the unexpected happens, we can find ourselves in a state of shock and even panic. “What am I going to do? This doesn’t fit into my plan. What about all of the plans I had for my life?” Our thoughts begin to race, jumping from one possible solution to the next, with our focus weighing heavily towards, “what can I do to fix this?”

It is never that simple.

Any big, life-changing decision deserves your thoughtful reflection.

Many people find that seeking wise counsel from a trusted, outside party who will respect confidentiality and listen to your story and concerns truly is helpful. It might help you to slow down, carefully think through and consider the impact of your decisions, and bring greater clarity to what you are facing.

At Amnion, we want to offer you a nonjudgmental, compassionate ear to hear your story. We want you to know that you are not alone. Amnion’s counselors are available for talk, prayer, or practical help.

So, whoever “you” are, I can say this with confidence: we care, we want to help.  We’ll take that breath together with you, because you are not alone.

-Jessica Evans, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology

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